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Growing Old Gracefully?

The treatments that help you look younger can make you toxic

Why would you want to put bacteria that cause botulism under your skin? Someone told women they could look younger by injecting this under their skin. Now instead of Tupperware parties, women are throwing Botox parties at the cost of $400.00 a pop. Botulinum Toxic type A is a server food poisoning that was first approved in 1989 to treat eye-muscle disorders and then for neurological disorder that causes severe neck and shoulder contractions. Botox was just approved in 2003 by the FDA for cosmetic use on frown lines. This procedure is done by injecting a small dose of the toxin into selected muscles, blocking a chemical that signals the muscle to contract and paralyzing the muscle. Concern has been growing however, over the casual attitudes taken by some over the injections into the face. Injections should only be done about twice a year, three injections at the most, but abusing this toxin is on the rise. Common side effects from Botox are headaches, droopy eyelids, and nausea and can last for several weeks or even months. It’s amazing what some women will do to keep the aging process from happening to them. Ageing is of course a natural process, and as long as one is breathing, we are going to grow old. However, to some women it does not seem to matter what a substance is as long as it can make a fifty year old look twenty again, if they can use it for this reason, they will.

Another dangerous substance that is used as an injectable wrinkle smoother is injectable silicone. First used to increase breast size in the 1940s and 50s, nevertheless liquid silicone injections were found to cause infections, bumps, deformities, and even death when the silicone migrated to the lungs and other parts of the body. Nevada first banned liquid silicone injections because the problems were so evident in Las Vegas showgirls, and liquid silicone injections were finally federally band across this country. However, liquid injectable silicone continued to be used illegally in this country as well as Mexico and Canada, and parts of Europe. The FDA considers silicone injections very dangerous, but a legal loophole—arising from the legal use of the drug to treat detached retinas—has resulted in this dangerous toxin to be used illegally. Secret silicone injection parties, just like Botox parties are being held illegally in this country, were doctors from other countries are coming to these parties and injecting these women. What these women don’t realize is that silicone never goes away, and once injected under the skin, it stays put unless expensive surgery can remove it years later. For example, if a woman gets a silicone injections to smooth the wrinkles she has, as she gets older, her wrinkles will move slightly but the silicon that was injected earlier will not move and the woman will have this long ugly lump under her skin causing her face to be disfigured, which later in life will lead to complications.

Another injectable toxic substance called Artecoll, which is used as wrinkle filler and to enhance lips. Artecoll is 75% bovine collagen and 25% Plexiglas microbeads. It is injected through a tunneling technique with a hypodermic needle, when the plunger is depressed it deposits the Artecoll while pulling out the skin, leaving a small cylindrical mass. Each microbead is coated in bovine collagen to keep from clumping together after the body absorbs the collagen and replaces it with it’s own collagen and causes the plumping up of the wrinkles and lips. Although a medical company has applied for FDA approval here in the United States, and was denied in 2003. Artecoll can cause an inflammatory reaction that can enhance scar tissue, making the removal of the beads almost impossible without causing lip disfigurement. Other side effects include persistent swelling, lumpiness, flu-like symptoms and blurred visions. These products don’t seem to be very human-friendly, and they can cause many varieties of discomforts and pain to these women yet many disregard the warnings and get them either legally or illegally. Some women go to different countries to get these treatments because the United States don’t approve them because they are dangerous. They may think these bad things will happen to other people but not them, which is not a very healthy way to think.

One more product that is used to smooth away wrinkles is called Gore-Tex. It’s the same material used to waterproof jackets and boots, and is now being hailed as a breakthrough in cosmetic surgery. It was used in 1971 as a surgical implant for damaged arteries and other vascular parts, Gore-Tex is widely accepted in surgery, but now someone has come up with a way to smooth out wrinkles on the face. The Gore Medical Products Company claims that Subcutaneous Augmentation Material or S.A.M. will get rid of wrinkles while helping the body creates the tissue it needs to stay wrinkle-free. S.A.M. is made from a chemical compound known as c-PTFE, which is the same substance used in Teflon, and is described as “a permanent yet reversible way to achieve the results of a face-lift without undergoing complicated surgery.” However Gore-Tex products have not been specifically approved as safe or effective for wrinkles, lip augmentation, or other types of “facial rejuvenation,” and the long term effects have never been studied. Implantation entails a small incision in the face or lip just under the skin, the surgeon lifts up the skin and creates a small hole, after trimming the implant material to fit the hole and secures it in place. Although the company claims that more than 4 million implants have been used and there have been no allergic reaction, other problems have been reported. Irritation of the skin over the implant, slow healing, discomfort, and the implants can actually be visible under the skin because the face moves constantly and things tend to move with it. When you sew a piece of this material in place, it tends to stay put and not move with facial skin. Not enough studies have been done with S.A.M., so long term risks have not been found.

Injectable treatments for wrinkles are a popular cosmetic procedure and yet here are some of the safety issues that go along with these treatments.

  • FDA does not require studies of minority group; it doesn’t even require studies to specify the race of those individuals studied.
  • FDA does not require long-term safety data, but some of these products have long-term consequences.
  • The FDA neither studied nor approved these products for the cosmetic purposes that are now popular: Botox for wrinkles other than those near the eyebrows, silicone injections in the face, or Gore-Tex for the face.

Complication rates may be much higher when these procedures are used are done by physicians who are not Board certified or well-trained for the specific procedures.

Some may think that if a doctor is doing the surgery then it’s safe, right? Wrong, the only reason any of these drugs are on the market is because of some loophole. This article is for entertainment purposes only, and is in no way a medical opinion. Anyone can find this information on the internet, just like I did, and this is my opinion on the research I did. Women should be allowed to grow old gracefully, and they should know that women are beautiful at any age. The lengths that some women will go through to turn back the years on their face and body are amazing. Who came up with the idea that injecting bacteria that causes botulism, can smooth out the wrinkles on your face? Or the stuff used to coat pots and pans is actually good for getting rid of wrinkles? In the end it doesn’t really matter who looks great lying in a coffin does it?

No matter what one does to look younger, eventually its money wasted because time cannot be stopped. Those who have these things done to themselves probably go into it knowing the risks but think that it will not happen to them. Just make sure that before you have any kind of surgery, to ask all kinds of questions, and then do some research yourself and see what you may be getting yourself into. There is no sense in paying good money for a beauty treatment if its going to make you so sick you can’t enjoy the results, or worse, you wind up being the most beautiful women in the cemetery.