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Is your man cheating on you?

You are crazy about the man you have been exclusively seeing for the past few months? And did you think he felt the same way about you? Lately though, have you been getting these different vibes that maybe he really isn't that much in love with you? You don't have any positive evidence to confront him that he's seeing someone else, but you have this feeling and it will not go away. Here are some signs that may tell you one way or the other that he's seeing someone else. Whatever happens after you read this just remember, it's not the end of your relationship if you don't want it to be. There is life after a cheating mate has been found out.

  • Is your boyfriend is being more attentive to your need more than usual? This might be because he has feelings of guilt brought on by the beginning of an affair for him. However, the longer his affair continues, so will his attentiveness towards you.
  • If your mate begins buying you lots of gifts, he may have feelings of guilt, and buying you lots of presents help him feel better about what he may be doing.
  • Your boyfriend's behavior is giving you this gut feeling that something isn't quite right. Pay attention to your instincts. Ignoring them means you don't want to see what may be going on. You know his behavior and habits better than anyone, so if something has changed, pay attention to it.
  • Is he picking fights with you more than usual? Doing this may give him the opening to storm out of the house and give him reason to meet his lover. It could also mean that he has mixed emotions about betraying you.
  • When the two of you have a fight, does he constantly talk about ending the relationship? Has the question: What would you do if our relationship ended? Is he negative about your relationship? Making these statements may mean he has a lover to fall back on in case your relationship does end. Be suspicious.
  • Your boyfriend has become very moody, and he seems very happy and excited when leaving you but sober and depressed when you're around. Experts say that if he's in a long-term affair, he's trying to keep both relationships running smoothly. Any problems in one relationship can run over into the other one.
  • Has his taste in music suddenly changed? For instance, he used to always listen to rock and roll but now he's starting to listen to country music. Your partner may be listening to and enjoying this type of music because that's what "she" listens to.
  • Does your boyfriend suddenly have a lack of self-esteem? This doesn't necessarily mean he's having an affair, but if he's feeing insecure, he may look to others for guidance. If an insecure person's needs aren't being met, he might find the desired feelings and positive feedback with someone else.
  • Is there someone in his life that he criticizes continually? He may be trying to make you think that this individual would never be of interest to him, although he actually has a secret attraction toward her.
  • Has he been criticizing you more than usual, or has his attitude toward you been very inconsiderate lately? Has he stopped complimenting you on your looks?
  • Has your boyfriend started closing doors when your around when he used to leave them open? Example: Couples in long-term relationships often leave their bathroom doors open while attending to necessities, even if their partners are nearby. As his affair develops, he may start closing doors, shutting you out and distancing himself physically and psychologically from you.
  • If you do something nice for him, does he act guilty? Your supposed to be the person who is making his life miserable, giving him the excuse to cheat. When you do something nice for him your forcing him to think about what he is doing to you.
  • Your boyfriend frequently talks about the problems a friend or co-worker of the opposite sex is having.
  • Has your boyfriend been acting emotionally distant and withdrawn but when you ask about it, he doesn't want to discuss it and becomes very protective of his privacy?
  • Does he seem disinterested or distracted during sex?
  • Is your mate's behavior getting so noticeable that your friends are beginning to ask you what's wrong? Close friends and family members often will notice tension or discord between the two of your even before you're fully aware of it.
  • Has his sleeping pattern changed considerably from the norm and may include unexplainable exhaustion, restlessness, frequent nightmares and sleep-talking?

You get the idea. Usually women know when something is up with their lovers, but they don't want to believe it at first. If you think your significant other may be cheating on you, start paying a bit more attention to his actions. Maybe there is something else going on. Nothing is written in stone and this article is not to be professional advice. If your mate is cheating, it would be a good thing to find out sooner than later so you can do something about it.


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