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Advice for women

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Although women don't place as much importance on looks as men do, they definitely place importance on what you wear. Women know a LOT more about clothes than any guy should expect to, so don't assume that she won't notice something or will let it slide.

You should always dress for the occasion. If you turn up underdressed, it could be very embarrassing for both you and your date. If you want to impress women, you should always wear clean and well-kept clothes. Women will always notice what you wear, even if they don't say anything about it. If you show some style, it will show her that you care about your appearance.

Have you ever noticed how gay men seem to attract women to them? It's partly to do with their lifestyle, but it's also to do with the fact that most of them are really good looking. Now, like us straight guys, they're not all born with good looks, but they all have one thing in common. They are the gods of personal grooming, and they know how to dress.

They know what they need to do to look good. Because men are superficial, gay men need to make an effort to attract other men. But at the same time, they also attract women. Make note of that and learn from it.

The way you dress actually has an affect on the way you feel. Before any social meeting, you should stop to check yourself in a mirror. Think: am I clean? Do I smell good? Am I styled? Am I polished?

Treat every meeting with women as if you are the leading role in a movie. Do you fit the role? When we are dressed well and feel that we fit the part, we feel at ease and confident with our bodies and ourselves. Take pride in your appearance and she will notice.


I've seen too many guys whose haphazard approach to grooming is not only noticeable; it's revolting. They often have the attitude that it's the woman's role to get herself done up for the man. Look, you're not going to compromise your masculinity by paying attention to how you look. Women LIKE men who exude money, power, and status, and the best way to do that is by paying attention to what you wear.

Given the availability of men's grooming products on the market now, there really is no excuse for men to turn up for a date looking less than perfect. A lot of companies have exclusive men's lines designed specifically for men's skin. You may think that a good old bar of soap is good enough, but don't judge moisturizers and toners until you try them. Have a look the next time you are at the store. You will be surprised at how many products are available.

Next, do a self-assessment Stand in front of the mirror and offer yourself a critical appraisal.

Start at the very top. When did you last have your hair cut? When is the last time you changed your hairstyle? What about your hair color? Consider every detail. A change of hair style and color could completely transform your look.

Have a look through books and magazines. Find a hair style that suits you and the shape of your face. Don't be afraid to ask for advice. Find something you like and take a copy of it to your stylist. Ask them what they can do. You may need to change your stylist if you're still going to the same barber you had when you were a kid.

Don't be afraid to put a little color in your hair. It can really liven things up, but remember to have it done by the stylist. A few salon highlights can make girls weak at the knees, but a bad home dye job can mean you'll be wearing a cap for the next few months.

Now move downwards to your eyebrows. How many do you have? You may think the answer is obvious, but it's amazing how many guys still have a "unibrow." If your eyebrows are joined in the middle, try trimming or plucking some out over the bridge of your nose. If your eyebrows are really bushy, trim them a bit so that they appear more neat and defined. Trust me, it will make a difference.

Move a little further down now. Do you have sideburns? If so, make sure you are aware of current styles. Read magazines and look at the photos. If most of the models and celebrities have short sideburns, and yours look more like lamb chops, you need to seriously rethink their length. Also, keep them trimmed close. When they get woolly, you will start to look a little foolish. Invest in a beard trimmer. They are relatively cheap, and it's an easy way to ensure you always look your best.


Take a close look at your skin. When was the last time you used a moisturizer? Men's skin, like women's, needs hydration. If you don't, it can get flaky or blotchy. All of my friends use moisturizer now, and they all swear by it. Best of all, women DO notice.

Use an exfoliating face wash. Exfoliating face washes contain little coarse granules that remove little pieces of dead skin and impurities. Shaving gets rid of most of it, but a face wash gently removes the rest. It also washes away the excess oil.
I would also recommend you use a balm after shaving to close the pores and moisturize the skin. Shaving can be very hard on the skin, so a good balm is essential. As well as that, being out in the sun and heat can dry the skin, so a good moisturizer is necessary. Put it on in the morning before you go out.

Use a good lip balm if you want your woman to savor the experience of kissing you. There is nothing worse than kissing dry cracked lips. Keep a lip balm in your pocket at all times. You never know when you may need it.

Have a good look at your teeth. What color are they? When was the last time you visited a dentist? You should have your teeth professionally cleaned once a year, and if that isn't enough to get the stains out, consider having them bleached at the same time. ALWAYS use dental floss and mouthwash. If you want a woman to kiss you, you need to have a fresh mouth. If you don't, you won't get her near you again!


Take a good look at the clothes you are wearing. They should be flattering to your body shape and have some sense of style. You don't have to buy all of your clothes from Ralph Lauren or Hugo Boss, but you should have clothes that are clean and fit you nicely.

The key to having style is to choose clothes that are current, popular, within your budget. Style can't be taught. It is something that you have to develop. The best way to do this is by checking out some of the latest men's magazines and taking note of the fashion pages.

Whatever your style, it should reflect your lifestyle and make you feel comfortable. For some, it's a cool pair of jeans and a shirt, and for some it's an expensive suit. Find your basic style, and work with that.

Once you have identified what style you are most comfortable with, take a female friend with you for advice and go shopping. Whatever look you go for, your clothes need to be in good condition. Women notice fraying cuffs and stretched necklines. The wonderful thing about taking female friends shopping is that they can offer you advice and honesty that no male friend ever will.

Of course, what you wear should also be dictated by the places you are going. You won't get into a restaurant wearing shorts and a t-shirt!

The key to being a snappy dresser is to watch what other people are wearing on the street. Read magazines and watch television. f you see something you like, make a note of it, and see if you can find something like it when you go shopping for clothes.
If you struggle to get clothes that fit, consider getting a tailor to hem your pants and take your shirts in. It's surprising what a difference a little tailoring can make, and it's really quite reasonable considering the cost of the clothes.

Always take the time to iron your clothes before you go out. Even if you are a bachelor, it doesn't mean you have to look like a slob.

Women notice details like watches, belts, and most importantly, shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean and shiny. Not only does it look better, it will help your shoes last longer. Make sure that the style of watch you've chosen is masculine, streamlined, and suits your personality. It doesn't have to be a Rolex, but a carefully selected watch can make a real difference.

Once you have your look handled, how about the smell? Aftershave can be something that is easily overlooked by men. I believe aftershaves are the one thing you shouldn't be cheap with. When you consider the length of time it takes to use a bottle, it really is a very good value especially if it is a quality product. Again, take a female friend to help you choose a good fragrance.

Your nails are another area that women notice. Keep your nails clean and trimmed short and even. Give them a quick look over at least once a week. It only takes a minute.

After all this, you should be ready to dazzle. If your date sees the effort you have gone too, she will very likely be impressed. As well as that, you will look and feel great, and you will exude this enthusiasm and confidence to those around you.


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