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Advice for men

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There are quite a few tried and true techniques for attracting men. Some of them are brand new, others have been around a while.

Be honest and genuine. This is one of the biggest things you can do to attract any man and endear yourself to him. Trust is a huge issue with men, and if he knows you're honest, he'll know he can trust you. Also, when you give him compliments he'll know that you mean it.

Compliment his good qualities. This goes hand-in-hand with honesty. There's good and bad in everyone, so find the good things and say something nice. Does he have a hooked nose and bushy eyebrows? OK, well maybe you can't truthfully tell him he's handsome, but you CAN tell him his face has character, and that's a good thing.

Don't come on too strong right at first. Some women love to make a big show of going up to a man they've never met and starting the conversation with heavy flirting. While that strategy is certainly entertaining to watch, it doesn't usually get you very far.

Show interest in more subtle ways, present a challenge. It may sound old-fashioned, but men really do love a challenge. And then, of course, some men think flirty women are too easy. Of course, it depends on the man, too!

One very controversial strategy is to be a bit of a bitch. By "bitch" I don't mean full-blown obnoxious, just strong-willed and take-no-prisoners. The pros to this are that many men are intrigued by women who are a little bit bitchy--it's the challenge thing. On the other hand, the man you're trying to attract could be the type of man who's been burned by one too many bitches.

The best way to play this one is to be just a little bitchy and see how it goes over. If he smiles and is drawn in, by all means play up your inner junkyard bitch. But if he frowns and starts moving away, I'd recommend a quick fade back into nice-girl mode. That is, if you care.

Then, of course, there's the "friends first" tactic. This one has some risks, the biggest one being that once you get labeled as "one of the guys" it can be really hard to break out of that box and become once again seen as a full-fledged love goddess.

However, no matter how much of a buddy you are, men always know who's who. Being friends first can be a great way to get to know him and find out if you share common interests. Just take care that you don't start treating him like your brother.

When you talk to him, lean in close or make some other excuse to get close so that he can smell your perfume. This is like magic. Men love to smell women's perfume, and when they do it's almost intoxicating to them (if they like the woman.)

One of the best ways to attract men is to let yourself have fun. People who are having fun are...well, FUN to be around. Who wouldn't want to be around someone who's smiling, laughing, and in a state of joy? Those people are fun! So wherever you go, just relax and let yourself have a good time. Men will be drawn to you.

If you're attracted to a man and you want him to be attracted toyou, ask him questions about himself. Men love to talk about themselves--their jobs, their sports, their hobbies, movies they saw, music, their friends...and it conveys to him that you are sincerely interested in him. That's very flattering.

And ask your questions in a way that lets him know you're flirting, not just being friendly. Picture this: you are at a bike path and you see a guy taking his mountain bike off the back of his jeep. Do you say: "Hey, nice bike."? If so, that's being friendly.

But if you say, "Do you come here often? What's your favorite trail?" And you stop to listen to his answer, that's probably flirting.

A little-known tip for attracting a man is to eat a meal with him. Men love to watch a woman eat because they get to see your lips, tongue, and entire mouth in action. This is very stimulating to them. Why? Because it allows them to fantasize about having oral sex with you.

And here's one of the most obvious things that you can do to attract a man, but it often gets forgotten about when a woman's nervous: give him a big smile. That will make a man's heart jump and he will always remember that smile. Once he's seen it, he'll jump through fire to please you so that he can see it again. Trust me, men love to see women smile.

Believe it or not, the old cliche about the way to a man's heart being through his stomach does have truth in it. Bake him a batch of cookies. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to cook. They've made cooking so easy these days anyone can do it, just buy a cookie sheet and slice-and-bake cookies. He won't know they're not from scratch. They'll warm his heart because they're something special you made for him.

In closing, always--and I mean ALWAYS--be yourself! There's no point in luring a man in by pretending to be someone you're not, because then you'll have to keep up that false front. Just be yourself to start with and things will be easier.


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