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The majority of single women today are ages 40-69, according to a survey done in 2003 by AARP. The survey asked singles how frequently they engaged in sexual activities in the past six months. 37% had reported to having sex at least once or twice during that time period. 71% were dating exclusively. That's pretty encouraging for us newly divorced women in our 40s and up. 22% of them said they had sex about once a week. It's good to hear that single mature women are not being pushed aside or not thought of entirely because of our age. Frequency of sex does not equate to satisfaction with it. It is a paradox that fewer single women than men in this age group are engaged in sexual activities, primarily because a smaller proportion of older women date; according to this survey, it is the men in this age group that feel they are not getting enough sex. (So what else is new?)

In this day and age, the divorced mature women is actively dating and having sex on a regular basis. When asked what major advantage they have in dating today compared to when they were in there 20s, most of them said, experience. They are more comfortable with themselves and who they are today. They feel more carefree and have more freedom and independence than they had 20 years ago. There is also a lack of social pressure on today's women. Most young women live to date, feeling that social pressure makes them think they are not complete unless somebody loves you. Older women are mature emotionally and they realize they can get along just fine with or without a date. Many women claim to have the maturity to know what they like and what's important in a relationship. They feel more confident in themselves because they've had more years to learn life's lessons and have become better people because of those lessons. Many older women who have gone through "The Change," are more comfortable because they don't have to worry about reproducing, so they can relax and open up more during sex. No one is pressuring the more mature woman into getting married and having babies, "before it's too late."

The mature single women of today with a more active sex life seem to be very happy with the way things are today. Why wouldn't they? It may take some time for some women to get adjusted to being single and dating again, and her first couple of dates may not be very memorable but she keeps trying because she knows she deserves to be happy just like every body else. She may even find herself dating men a few years younger than her. She is flattered that she is receiving so much attention from these young men, but she loves every minuet of it. Living alone is the norm for most single women. There are some that have their children living with them, but most of them are almost young adults themselves, so needing a babysitter is not a problem when she has a date.

Another advantage today's single women enjoys is having a home all to themselves. They get to decorate it any way they want, and they like not having to answer or deal with another person. Although single men say they enjoy the same things, women are more apt than men to claim they like having things just the way they want them now that their single. Most married women spend their time doing things for their husband and children. They cook what everybody else wants to eat. They spend their time running from here to there taking their kids from one activity to another, pressing their husband shirts just so, and decorating their home in the manner everybody can live with. Now that they are single these women are finding a freedom they have never experienced before and although they are alone, they are enjoying a new way of life.


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