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7 Potential signs that tell you to run like hell in the other direction.

You think you may have met the man of your dreams, the man you have been seeing is smart, funny, sweet, and the whole package. Everything you have ever wanted in a man, but there's just one little glitch…but you can't quit put your finger on the problem. It could take you months to find out this relationships breaking habit in your boyfriends behavior. However, now you don't have to wait to avoid a potentially damaging relationship breaking catastrophe. Here are 10 potential deal breakers you should find out about now, before you let your heart get too involved.

  1. Scary Divorce Stories: If he starts telling you the story about his muddled divorce on the first or second date, listen carefully. Is he blaming his ex for everything? Is she the villain in every aspect, taking none of the responsibility for his marriage breaking up on himself? This could be a bad sign on his part, most people realize that it takes two to spit up a marriage. This type of behavior should be telling you that he's is not very grounded emotionally, and blames all his life problems on others and never himself.
  2. Chronic Lateness: If your date shows up late three time in a row, don't wait for a forth. He will probably have some great excuses, but three times in a row sets a pattern that he probably pretty inconsiderate of your feelings and he may be saying in a round about way that he's not all that interested in you. You don't need him or his excuses. You deserve much better.
  3. Demon Children: Need I say more?
  4. Money, grab that cash with both hands and make a stash: Money stirs up many conscious and unconscious issues. If you're on your first date with a guy and he makes you pay half the dinner bill. Run; don't walk to the nearest exit.
  5. Rudeness to Waiters: Or anyone in the service area. If he acts superior to people in this area, it won't take long for him to find faults with you. Run.
  6. The Parent Trap: If he's an adult but his mother is making decisions for him then you're in a world of trouble. It's good for a man to be a good son and look after his mom, but there's a line that must be drawn, if your out on a date and his mother has called him three times before the desert has yet to arrive, get out while you still can.
  7. Bad Sex: Okay, maybe the first time the two of you have sex it may not be so great, but if it's still not good after at least the third try, it's time to say goodbye.


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