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As you already know, women love a guy that stands out. Guys that are unique, caring and interesting will always win with women.

In this section, we will look at how you can stand out in a crowd by being refreshingly different than the rest. I will show you techniques that will help you maximize your chances of being noticed by and capturing the attention of beautiful women.

I know this information will be useful because I have seen this done before, and the result is dramatic!

The trick to standing out in a crowd is simple: be different!

Sometimes people can't see the forest for the trees, and the dating scene is no different. Put yourself in a woman's shoes for a moment. If you are sitting in a bar and you see an endless parade of blue jeans and white t-shirts around you, it's pretty easy to imagine how you may stop paying attention.

Then a guy walks past wearing a stylish pair of black pants and a funky orange shirt. The fact that he is so different than the others makes him immediately stands out.

The point of this analogy is to illustrate a fact. In order for someone to remember or notice you, you need to have something unique about you that triggers a memory.
I'm not saying that you need to wear anything too loud, but I would encourage you to develop a sense of style, and don't be afraid to experiment a little and try different combinations of clothes something different from what everybody else wears. Check with other people to see if different combinations work if you are not sure. Develop a unique way of dressing that better reflects you and makes you more interesting than the rest.

What you need to do is find something that makes you a little different than the masses. Perhaps it's a really cool shirt, or a cool hairstyle. Maybe it's a cool necklace. Maybe it's your fragrance.

If everybody is wearing Levis, make sure you aren't. If everyone is wearing flannel shirts, wear a plain or striped shirt. Make the differences subtle, and ones that suit your body shape and style.

Don't have your hair cut the same way for 20 years. Be daring and get something different. Make your look say something about you.

To stand out from the rest, don't just stop at your appearance. BE different! Develop new and different hobbies or interests. Read unusual books; see unusual movies. As you expand your interests, you'll broaden your social groups and meet new and different people.

Try joining a social group or sports team, or go to night classes or the gym. You will be surprised how easy it is to develop a network of contacts from a variety of different places. People who have a wide variety of contacts are interesting because they have the opportunity to see life from different points of view.

You can also stand out from the crowd by being the one guy who notices when things aren't all right. Offer a woman support if she looks like she's having problems. If the room is too hot, be the guy who opens the windows. Notice the girl in the corner who's been sitting alone all night, and draw her out. If you're at a party, help the host clean up afterwards. So few guys show compassion or a big heart that I promise you: women WILL notice.

You can stand out from the crowd in so many ways. I hope that this has given you some ideas.


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