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Today’s Mature Women are better than Ever

If you ask the women of today how old they are, you’re likely to get an honest answer. Women in their 40s, 50, and even 60s, are looking better than ever so why should they lie about their age? We all know that it is an inevitable fact that we all grow old and there is no way to stop the aging process. However, women are more knowledgeable about how to take care of themselves better and they are using that knowledge to slow down the look of aging. Mature women have just about had it with this countries love of the “younger woman.” For years this country has been telling women that as they get older, they are less wanted or desirable. Magazine ads tell us this, television shows tell us this, and the men who date their daughter’s best friend tell us this and we just don’t have to take it anymore. One of the reasons women date younger men is because men their own ages don’t seem to want what they have. A 50 year old man doesn’t seem to want a 45 or 50 year old woman; they are going after the 20 and 30 year olds. For years, advertising tells women over 40 that they are not visually attractive anymore now they have a few wrinkles and maybe some added pounds. It says the only way to succeed in anything in this country you need to have the dewy skin of a 20 year old and the body of a playboy playmate. No wonder women over 40 have a bad self-image of themselves.

For years we have been told that once we reach a certain age our value is almost non-existent when it comes to beauty and sex. When are people going to realize that youth is only temporary? That people in general are going to spend more time being older than being young. Youth fades with time; on the other hand what a mature woman brings to the table will always be worth more than youth. With mature women you get a lifetime of knowledge, strength and patience. She speaks intelligently and she knows herself and what she now wants in life. She has learned that playing mind games and being coy with men is a waste of time and she stopped playing those types of games a long time ago. When you ask her a question, be sure you want the answer, because she will tell you straight out, not mincing words. She now knows some questions to some of life’s answers, but she is not a know it all. Some mature divorced women have had their hearts broken terribly by the one person she thought she could trust, but her heart beats stronger than ever and she has survived. She has gone through the pain of childbirth, and willingly gave up a few years of her own life to raise and nurture them, teaching them right from wrong and then standing back to let them go and live their own lives, praying they have learned some of what she taught them.

The mature woman of today who has gone through all of that only to be told that once she gets a certain age she is not worthy anymore? I don’t think so. She is not going to stand back and let the world tell her that because she has a wrinkle or two she is not attractive and thought of as a sexual being. It just so happens that now she has all of this knowledge, she is going to want to use it and share it with someone who wants her. If there isn’t someone with her at the moment, that’s okay too, she has learned to enjoy her own company. She is also setting a good example for her daughter and all girls her daughter’s age. It is said that women age like fine wine, the older they get the finer they are. Well it’s time people start actually believing that statement, because it’s true. Women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, today have come to the realization that they are wonderful just the way they are. If they are unhappy with their appearance they do something about it themselves, they want to be healthier and happier at the age they are right now, because lets face it, there’s no going back and you can’t un-ring a bell once it’s been rung.

We love the mature woman of today, she is smart, witty, and loving, and she’s happy to be here.