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Top 10 Rules for Online Dating

Online dating is very popular today; it never hurts to try new things

Post a good picture

Before you start to think about topics of conversation, you need to make sure you have an eye-catching profile, one that flaunts your better side and leaves prospective suitors wanting more.

Proofread your profile

Among the cyber turnoff, nothing is worse than a person who doesn’t bother to proofread those few lines before hitting the “Send” button. If a resume typo could cost you a job, imagine what a few misplaced words can do for your online love life. You don’t want a potential date to think you can’t even write a simple letter do you?

Be Realistic

In noting your long-term intentions, steer clear of anything remotely linked to marriage or children. You have yet to meet the man yet, and you don’t want to scare him before you even meet him. Maybe just telling him your looking for a friend to start out with would be a better idea.

Don’t allude to sex

Remember the same rules apply when it’s an online romance. Postpone your more intimate disclosures until you actually meet. It’s okay to flirt and dish out a sexy promise here or there, just don’t make it obvious that you may be a little hard up. Although communicating via online may tempt you into getting a bit more “enthusiastic” than you normally would with a prospect, keep things low key to start with.

Use your original screen name

Your screen name will likely be the first thing men see when looking through candidates so make sure yours is simple and easy to remember. Keep it simple and don’t get too creative, you want him interested, not running away.

Don’t be a cliche

Originality is key so stay away from the more generic descriptions because they have been overused. No man will be interested in a lady who “likes long walks on the beach,” or strawberries and champagne. Speak what’s in your heart, not from the common greeting card. Since neither of you have body language to feed off of, try as much as possible to use colorful language when expressing your enthusiasm on a given topic.

Be mysterious

The lack of physical interaction in online relationships means there’s a lot less information he’s getting from you, but you can use that to your advantage. Don’t type too much information, instead, be informative while withholding certain pieces of the puzzle. For example, go ahead and mention that you’re very romantic, but don’t divulge any specifics as to how you plan on wowing him. Let him use his imagination, and build his curiosity about you.

Add a personal touch

A great way to stand out from the rest is to leave a personal mark on your correspondence. Whether it’s by signing off in a certain way, or ending on a personal note that is all your own. Your trying to develop a relationship with this man and that means reminding him that there is an actual human being who’s interested in him on the other side.

Don’t limit yourself

Keep all of your options open; don’t disregard profiles without pictures. Your initial priority should be finding someone with similar likes and interest. Once you introduce yourself, he will probably be more forthcoming with a photo anyway. Don’t wait too long before asking, looks do matter somewhat, and you don’t want to find out at the last minute that he’s not what your looking for.

Be patient

The main thing to keep in mind is that an online relationship usually moves slower than conventional courtships. It may take some time before he asks you out so don’t rush things. If you feel you have struck gold with a certain someone, don’t get overly excited. Don’t fill up his inbox with notes and poems that express your admiration, and don’t jump at him the minuet you see he’s logged on. Let him get situated, you may not be the only reason he’s turning on the computer.

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